BERGGER Prestige RC1 Glossy/Matte resin coated BW paper

$39.90 - $67.85

PRESTIGE RC 1 is an enlarging polycontrast paper for black and white prints, coated on a resin base (RC).

Neutral tone paper and high quality, it perfectly fits the photographer's requirement, for both machine and tray processing.

PRESTIGE RC 1 exhibits constant tonality, and is very sharp.

Contrast control
Contrast is managed by colored filter used in the enlarger. The contrast range is comprised between grade 00 and 5. Ilford Multigrade or Kodak Polycontrast filters are perfectly adapted to this paper, as well as multigrade enlarger heads or color enlarger heads.

Exposure Guide
This paper was designed to be used with tungsten or halogen lightsources. If the paper is used with other lightsources, contrast has to be adapted.

With Ilford Multigrade filters, grades from 00 to 3 have the same speed (ISO P250) but grade 3,5 to 5 need double exposure.

When no filter is used, the paper is grade 2 and speed is ISO P 640.

Safety Light
An inactinic safety light type KODAK OC or Ilford 902 is recommended. Red inactiniq light can also be used. The distance between paper and light must be over one meter.

Prestige RC 1 can be processed both in trays or in automatic machines..

Every high quality developer can be used with BERGGER Prestige RC 1. However, BERGGER recommends to use BERGGER Neutral Print Developer, in order to reach cool tones, and BERGGER Warmtone Print Developer to achieve slightly warm prints.

Developing time is between 60 and 90 seconds at 20°C.

After a quick water washing, prints must be fixed in a rapid fixer for black and white papers. Fixing time is 1 minutes à 20°C.

Fixed prints must be washed in running water for 3 to 4 minutes.Les épreuves fixées doivent être lavées à l’eau courante pendant 3 à 4 minutes.

Latent picture stability
PRESTIGE RC 1 is very stable and no change occurs in prints, even after 24 hours.